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As a bottling company thriving in a competitive market, Bacchus Enterprises Ltd acknowledges that it is the trust and belief of the customers that make or break a company. It understands the importance of living up to the expectations of the valued customers. Being a responsible company towards not only the society but also the environment is essential. To that end, Bacchus Enterprises Ltd has developed a very robust quality policy and any violation of it is not tolerated by the company.

It is strongly believed at our company that quality should be inculcated as a habit among all the employees, technocrats and partners associated with the company. Securing a long-term and healthy partnership with its customers is top priority at Bacchus Enterprises Ltd. Quality is emphasized through continuous improvement, involvement, commitment and research in the company.

To become a premier bottling company dedicated to providing quality and excellent bottling solutions to diverse range of companies around the world, Bacchus Enterprises Ltd puts forth the following holistic Quality Policy:

  • Bottling and packaging zero-defect products that meet the requirements of customers.

  • Developing a culture of quality in the company by ensuring thorough legal compliance.

  • Creating a strict internal quality management system with appropriate principles and objectives.

  • Establishing a vigilance mechanism to eliminate risks and uphold safety standards at plant locations.

  • Inculcating the spirit of quality and safety among all stakeholders through effective communication, regular training, supervision and education.

  • Reviewing the quality system to maintain the stability and robustness of the system.

  • Investing in research and development of newer ways to make bottling processes more effective and efficient.

  • Ensuring that any breach of the quality standards is mitigated through strict ‘no tolerance of violation’ policy.

Bacchus Enterprises Ltd’s quality policy has been designed to protect values of integrity, professionalism and pro-activeness which are very special to the company and adherence to this policy is the lifeline to this company.

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