By establishing its strong presence in Ludhiana of Punjab, Bacchus Enterprises Ltd has become a popular liquor bottling company among the customers belonging to different parts of India.

However, just building a PAN India presence is not enough for the company’s futuristic goals and ambitions. Through continuous R&D and utilizing the experience in the Indian market, Bacchus Enterprises Ltd has learnt the art of establishing its presence in other countries as well.

Internationally, Bacchus Enterprises Ltd is bound to become renowned and achieve international accolades because of the following reasons:

  • Firstly, the company offers a wide variety and quality of bottled products to consumers from around the world.

  • Bacchus Enterprises Ltd gives special attention to the packaging of exported bottled products to ensure that the traditional Indian touch is not lost in a foreign country.

  • Business practices and bottling activities of the company are transparent and ethical.

  • It invests in R&D so that the bottled products meet the requirements of the foreign customers.

  • International quality standards and rules are also upheld by the company in strict manner.

We have ability to export our products all over the world, so giving opportunity to international customers to get associated with us for their liquor bottling requirements.

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